APA Series Dispensers

Keep product lines going with the world's most efficient dispensers



Primary Supported Industries: All


Multisorb’s APA®2800 is a low-speed packet dispenser that can handle your production process up to 135ppm, depending on project details. Designed and built in the US, the APA®2800 is a dispenser for more simplified applications, or installations that need a smaller footprint.



  • Speeds up to 135ppm
  • Self-initializing product feed
  • Pneumatic cutting mechanism


  • PLC controlled for robust and reliable performance
  • Color touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Recipe based storage for instant parameter recall
  • Packet length inspection & verification performed on every sachet
  • Onboard diagnostics and performance trending


  • Enclosed system to protect product in-process
  • Stepper-driven anti-slip indexing belt drive for enhanced product control
  • Category III Safety Circuit with interlocked doors and guarding
  • Multi-point sensor array to monitor product throughout processing


  • Designed for integration over existing conveyor/equipment
  • Mobile base with integrated self-leveling stabilizing feet
  • Adjustable height jack stand with digital indicator
  • Toolless rapid product changeover


  • Dry Air Purge Kit to protect desiccants during extended breaks or line stops. Includes on-board air filter/dryer, flow controls, and dew point monitor wired and alarmed to PLC.

  • Inert Gas Purge Kit to protect oxygen absorbers during extended breaks or line stops. Includes on-board flow controls and oxygen monitor wired and alarmed to PLC.
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