Research and Development


Products require a rigorous study and approval process before they are permitted to be introduced to the marketplace. With so much at stake, active packaging technology can’t afford to fail. We work side-by-side with you to develop active packaging systems that address the shipping and shelf-life demands placed on healthcare, food and industrial products. Our team of chemical engineers, food scientists, and packaging engineers evaluate real-world packaging challenges and apply deep expertise and decades of experience to innovate new solutions that work reliably in practice.


We create unique solutions that match individual customer needs, addressing rapidly-evolving requirements that demand more effective and complex absorption in control devices.


Work with our R&D team to develop the ideal active packaging solution early in your product development process, using a unique modeling program that helps you identify your sorbent needs.


Our facilities are capable of testing your products, not just your packaging. Evaluate the impact of moisture and oxygen on your products’ performance.


Evaluate the integrity of your current packaging under the direction of our experts. Our package integrity laboratory equipment enables you to examine your packaging for seal characteristics, pin holes, and flex cracks. Instrumentation is also available to analyze a food product’s water activity or a drug product’s absorption/desorption characteristics.


We stand by our products. In addition to ongoing daily research in active packaging, our R&D staff provides technical sales support and consultations to help you identify the ideal solution before you commit to purchase. Ongoing support is provided after the sale using services like headspace gas analysis, shelf-life studies, and package integrity evaluations.

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