StabilOx Canister

Oxygen Absorbing Canister



StabilOx oxygen absorbing canisters eliminate oxygen to help you achieve better product stability. This simple but effective solution a resides within packaging instead of the drug product itself, saving you from expensive drug product formulation changes. The science behind this carefully developed solution delivers an absorption performance than is five (5) times greater than competing oxygen absorber canisters.



Accomplish significant oxygen absorption while managing your drug product’s free moisture levels and related molecular mobility associated with most chemical degradation pathways.


StabilOx has been proven to manage headspace humidity (ERH), drug product free moisture, and oxygen reducing the rate of typical chemical pathways of degradation and lengthening product shelf life.


StabilOx® Canisters are fully compatible with high-speed packaging lines, enabling you to increase output without added expense. Packet (LINK: StabilOx Packet page), canister, and label formats provide exceptional flexibility for any packaging operation.


StabilOx oxygen absorbers provide their own moisture source to initialize the oxygen removal process from the package, then rely on package moisture ingress for continued oxygen absorption. This establishes an optimal equilibrium relative humidity in the package headspace, a critical component in retaining drug performance, stability, and integrity.


HDPE and Glass Bottles


Pre-Filled Syringes

Vitamins / Supplements

Pouches / Blisters

Medical Devices

In-Process Storage

In-Vitro Diagnostics


StabilOx® Packet

StabilOx oxygen absorbing packets eliminate oxygen to achieve better product stability. Up to 5x better performance.


These extremely durable, moisture and/or volatile absorbing packets are available in a wide variety of sizes and fill types.

packets for oxygen absorption

FreshPax® Packets

Freshpax Packets come in a grease resistant film and are great for food applications. Can be automated or inserted manually.


These expert-designed, adhesive backed oxygen absorbers for food offer a flat, flexible format, with an ultra-thin design.

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